Friday evening, I went to pick up our new puppy.  He was so excited, he could hardly sit still.  So many new sights and sounds!  When I got home with him, I introduced him to my partner J, nephews K, X, and V, and daughter A.  The puppy loved all the attention.  Then he went outside to use the bathroom (YAY!), and went straight to sleep… Until midnight, when he woke up again.  After another bathroom trip, he whined for 2 hours and kept J up the whole time.

And now, nephew K shares his impression:

I am nephew K.  I am 12 years young.  The dog is really good.  Today we made him walk around the house.  He used the bathroom twice inside, then we let him outside to use the bathroom, and we gave him treats.  Here is a picture I took at the end of the day, when he was tired.

Such an entertaining day

Tuckered out!