Where is the cat in all this, you may wonder?  Well, so far Rosie has not been seen much when the puppy is around.  He (yes, Rosie is a male, and very secure in his gender identity, thank you) hides when the puppy arrives, and doesn’t come out until McBaine has dropped over from exhaustion.

Tonight, however, Rosie made a cameo appearance!  He pretended not to notice McBaine at first, then he hissed at the puppy.  McBaine barked back.  The lines of communication are open!  Our interspecies relations experiment has begun!

Puppy: Wanna play?

Puppy: Wanna play?

Cat:  No, I really don't.

Cat: No, I really don’t.

Contact is made!

Contact is made!

Puppy:  Why won't Rosie play with me?

Puppy: Why won’t Rosie play with me?

It’s all right, McBaine.  Maybe Rosie will decide to play with you tomorrow.

Or, maybe not.

Bonus video!  Here is McBaine with his mom, brothers, and sisters getting a checkup before starting puppy school.  He is the one with the green collar and the black-tipped tail!