At home, McBaine is still the same puppy – chasing the cat, chasing his tail, chasing anyone who comes within reach.  He chews on his toys, he chews on his leash when outside, he chews on leaves and sticks and dirt and our pant legs.  I have honestly wondered if he could ever be a successful search and rescue dog, because when we are with him, he just wants to play all the time.

But at puppy school, McBaine has learned a LOT about being a search and rescue dog.  (Evidently they are much more firm with him than we are.)  When you see this video of his most recent “search,” keep in mind that he did not see the toy being hidden; his only clue to find it is the scent.  I was most impressed with his focus.  After one jump toward the camera person, he was back on task and stayed with it until he found the toy.

Maybe he’ll be a good search and rescue dog, after all!

McBaine searching for a toy

Oh, and one more thing. This is a great book for any family becoming a foster family for a working dog. I think it helped Daughter A understand why we are keeping him for only a year. (She recently wrote “We Love Puppies” in a notebook, which is a good sign that she is coming around to sweet McBaine!)